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About us

Craftbox Asia has been established as digital technology company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam since 2017. Our initial goal is incorporating new technologies & creative ideas to client’s business to help them boosting their business significantly.

We will then leverage our technologies and also developing the business strategy part to supervise client’s business.

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  • huy@craftbox.asia

Our services

These are the best services we are providing now…

  • Consultancy

    Your success is our success, and we take that to heart. We are the middle man between your business and customer. We firstly understand your business objectives and customers’ needs then giving relevant solutions & strategies in term of technology and marketing

    • 1. Solution Ideation/ Strategy
    • 2. Development Plan ( Timeline, Resource, process, Cost…)
    Service 1
  • Solution Architecture

    With solid experience on technology field, we confidently propose and develop new technologies to boost your business such as

    • 1. Blockchain (the world's leading software platform for digital assets)
    • 2. Smart Cards (Applied for logistic system)
    • 3. Artificial Intelligence (especially for for forecast projects)
    • 4. Chat Bot (Text)/ Google Alexa (Voice)
    • 5. Electronic Receipt
    Service 1
  • Creative Design & UX Architecture

    Add a distinct and cohesive look to your business with innovative and creative design solutions by our experienced designers

    Stick with user data and logical mind, we confidently propose wireframes, user journey, ux solutions…which can help to engage customer efficiently

    Service 1
  • Development

    Development is always a part of our strongest services since we have a senior team who have been developing many projects successfully

    • 1. Web App development ( Nodejs, Laravel PHP, WordPress, .Net)
    • 2. Mobile ( React Native, Android, iOS)
    • 3. Windows Application ( C# )
    • 4. Stick with technologies: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Card…
    Service 1

Typical projects

See more our typical project here...

  • DcTrans Logistic System – UHF Card Reader

    Instead of using traditional logistic system, we help our client to build online logistic system where customers are able to see and track their packages online easily.

    + At the Ware House: We developed DCTrans Tracker App based on UHF Card Reader (Android Device) to get customers’ information then synchronizing to online system through provided API

    + Online System: An online tool allows customers to follow/track their packages day by day. Furthermore, customers are able to do purchase on Alibaba and Taobao through the system. The system architecture is built on micro system architecture (Laravel Framework, AngularJS) so that it is able to expand in future flexibly

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  • Craftbox ICO – BlockChain

    This project is our first product based on BlockChain technology – solidity language. Moreover we are aiming to expand the system to Assets Management System where our customers are able to manage and track their asset not only in transparently but also safely.

    At this time, with two BlockChain Experts (one in Macedonia, another in Vietnam) we are very confident to help you to incorporate the blockchain technology into business in efficient way.

    More information about BlockChain Technology [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain]

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  • ZeroReceipt – QR Code & Notification System

    ZeroReceipt is one of the best project which we did, it is not only the digital solution but also resolving the reality problem. By using ZeroReceipt instead of paper, we are giving hands to protect our living environment “According to the Forest Reserver Organization, there are 16,000 trees cut down per year. 30% was used in the paper made industry. We are here giving a hand to stop this.”

    You can download Zeroreceipt directly from AppStore and also Google Play. And just 1 min to register an account on the system, you can get e-receipt from the stores quickly. Furthermore, we provided a useful feature for tracking and analyzing your daily/weekly and monthly expense efficiently.

    Technology: NodeJS, MongoDB, Micro System, React Native, .Net

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Our clients

Over +50 happy clients